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Our moving company simply explained that serves the area of 11248. We started off as a small company just working a few areas and 11248 was one of them. We mostly dealt with studio apartment moves at the time because we had just got our moving license from the city which was expensive and we had bought a small van to accommodate a few things like beds and some furniture and boxes.

After working our butts of we started to get good reviews from our clients and our reputation spread via word of mouth so slowly our business start to grow out of working just in 11248 to all over Brooklyn and beyond. Little by little we expanded our truck fleet to include a varied array of vehicles which accounted for different size moves. So now not only were we doing small moves like studio apartments and one piece moves we were taking on entire housing complexes and big business moves. And we were doing it very well, so much so that we were getting awards from the Moving Community District board (MCD) on our exemplary work and community spirit.

Which has lead us to where we are today, busy in 11248 making sure all our clients are getting a move that will bring them back to us every single time. We work on the principle that every move must be like our first meaning we give it 100% to show we are the best company out there and clients see that we are going above and beyond to guarantee future business from them.

Not only do we have great moving teams working out in the field but our moving staff working in our office in 11248 will happily help you with any questions you might have and any decisions you might need help with regarding the move. They have helped move countless amounts of clients over the years to and from just about every single neighborhood you can imagine in Brooklyn and across the US so they will have times for how long the move will take to the best times and days to move to avoid traffic and any other events that are going on in the area.

You will have someone on the end of the phone whenever you need them and that can be a great comfort when moving because if anything goes wrong you know someone is there to talk you through the solution. So whatever you need with your next move in 11248 we have you covered and we really look forward to helping you out and getting you to your next destination.

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Our testimonials

  • Thank you for moving me to my new place in Williamsburg, you guys made sure all of my possessions made it without any damage and my beloved guitars were in one piece. It’s nice to find a great local company who has been in the area forever.

    Date: February 12 2013

  • With the rent rising in the area I had to find new digs and I was having issues and the wallet was tight so I was worried about moving costs. Lucky for me these guys quoted me a price that fit in to my budget and they did a great job of getting me out of Bushwick.

    Date: March 25 2013

  • They moved my business and all my machines with ease, it took a day but they worked their asses of so hats off to them.

    Date: May 08 2013

  • I saw, I called, and they moved me. That’s how easy it was, just 3 little steps. Nice guys and they took no time in moving me out of my loft. West coast here I come, good bye NY I will miss you but warmer climates call. Thanks for getting me across the US guys.

    Date: October 16 2013

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