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You have probably gone to Google and typed in something like “movers Brooklyn” or “Moving Company Brooklyn” and you have had pages and pages of results come up. Choice can be a daunting thing can’t it. We’ll we can help you narrow down your search very quickly and it’s this simple. If you are seeing the following ads “Cheap moving company” or “$25 an hour movers” then slowly back away from the computer and click (x) on the window box. These companies can no way offer you movers at this price and it’s a shady practice to get you to look at their website. They will also be non-licensed and probably hold no insurance at all so you are taking a massive gamble by selecting a company like this.

What you should be looking for and the questions you should be asking are the following to any moving company. Are you guys licensed and if so what is the license number so I can check? And do you have insurance and do I need to take out extra insurance for my stuff? These are very important questions to ask any moving company because the last thing you want is Mr Man with a van with no name on it and staff not in uniforms to be taking stock of your possessions. This will be described as an epic fail if you hire one of these companies because more times than not they are not licensed and you will find for sure they have no insurance what so ever. On top of that most these guys have pre paid cell phones so they will change their number every couple of months so if you have any complaints after the move is done then good luck trying to track down the company. What we recommend is always hire a mover that has a reputable website like ours not some person who just uses Craigslist to post ads on. You need to hold someone accountable if something does happen so have that point of interest to go back to.

The other thing regarding good local moving companies is they will have an office, so when they give you the quote ask for it on written paper and make sure it’s sent to you and see if there is an address on the quote from the actual business. If they won’t give you their business address then there is a good chance they don’t want to be found which should be a warning sign to you. A professional moving service will have no problem in giving you their address and it will be on the quote invoice. This is a key factor because if anything happens to your stuff and the mover is not answering the phone you will at least have an office to go to where you can dispute any issues and that is important. Companies who hide behind just a phone number with no real web presence or way to contact are defiantly the ones to avoid. Really make sure you pick the best moving companies that will take these concerns to heart.

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  • Thank you for moving me to my new place in Williamsburg, you guys made sure all of my possessions made it without any damage and my beloved guitars were in one piece. It’s nice to find a great local company who has been in the area forever.

    Date: February 12 2013

  • With the rent rising in the area I had to find new digs and I was having issues and the wallet was tight so I was worried about moving costs. Lucky for me these guys quoted me a price that fit in to my budget and they did a great job of getting me out of Bushwick.

    Date: March 25 2013

  • They moved my business and all my machines with ease, it took a day but they worked their asses of so hats off to them.

    Date: May 08 2013

  • I saw, I called, and they moved me. That’s how easy it was, just 3 little steps. Nice guys and they took no time in moving me out of my loft. West coast here I come, good bye NY I will miss you but warmer climates call. Thanks for getting me across the US guys.

    Date: October 16 2013

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