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We provide turnkey moving solutions to make your life easier. You don’t want to be stressing about the move, we give you a complete moving package and we are happy to do so.

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As Brooklyn is a big place with many neighborhoods you want a solid local moving company that can navigate and get to you with no time wasting. One wrong turn and you can be stuck in traffic for 20 minutes or so, our guys know all the short cuts to avoid traffic and save you time and money.

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We believe in supporting local, should it be any local business in Brooklyn it helps to keep money in the community and not give it to a national company with offshore accounts. We pride ourselves on being a local Brooklyn mover and we suggest if you don’t pick us to move you choose another local company to support or Borough.

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  • Thank you for moving me to my new place in Williamsburg, you guys made sure all of my possessions made it without any damage and my beloved guitars were in one piece. It’s nice to find a great local company who has been in the area forever.

    Date: February 12 2013

  • With the rent rising in the area I had to find new digs and I was having issues and the wallet was tight so I was worried about moving costs. Lucky for me these guys quoted me a price that fit in to my budget and they did a great job of getting me out of Bushwick.

    Date: March 25 2013

  • They moved my business and all my machines with ease, it took a day but they worked their asses of so hats off to them.

    Date: May 08 2013

  • I saw, I called, and they moved me. That’s how easy it was, just 3 little steps. Nice guys and they took no time in moving me out of my loft. West coast here I come, good bye NY I will miss you but warmer climates call. Thanks for getting me across the US guys.

    Date: October 16 2013

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Welcome to moving company brooklyn ny

We have been established in Brooklyn for a very long time and as a local business it’s been amazing to see the change in one of New York’s favorite boroughs. We manage to cram in around 2.5 million people in to this space which means people are always moving in and moving out.

We have seen since the early 80s a real change of transition in Brooklyn, back then on any given day you could be mugged and it would not be uncommon. It was even a rare thing if you had not been mugged. But with the ever expanding rent prices going up in Manhattan, Brooklyn become a place for young artists and families wanting to find somewhere affordable to live. And with this we saw a rise in new coffee shops going up and the mixing of local grocery stores with art spaces and old factories being turned in to fancy condos. We have been there through all of it and we have seen the amazing gentrification of many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods which brings a fantastic mix of people from around the world.

So if you are a budding artist moving in to the area or a student at Brooklyn College moving out of the area we can help you out as we have great rates that will save you money. We are also very careful and meticulous so nothing gets damaged.

So should you be moving from Brooklyn heights or Green Point to Bushwick we have you covered and we can get you to that new location with minimum stress while dodging traffic so the clock isn’t ticking on your move.

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